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If you are just getting into smoking, or if you have been smoking for years, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the accessories that you can use to smoke with. We have been right where you are, looking at all the available accessories and wondering what they are and how they will benefit us. We want to help you understand what your options are when it comes to smoking accessories. We are here to provide you with information so that you can choose the right smoking accessories that will enhance your smoking accessories. We want to save you the struggle and easily choose the right smoking accessories for your lifestyle.



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Tips For Looking Into Glass Rigs For Cannabis

Cannabis is helpful whether you're using it medically or for recreation. A well-built glass rig will help you enjoy your cannabis in a unique way. It's the perfect accompaniment to your current smoke setup and helps you experience different effects from your cannabis. Read on to learn more about buying a glass rig. 

Why are glass rigs so helpful?

In most cases, a glass rig use concentrated cannabis that is hardened and consumed differently than when in its flower form. It doesn't involve smoke and lets you take in cannabinoids without having to burn and inhale resins. A smokeless setup cuts out toxins and lung damage that can lead to health issues. 

With this method for ingesting cannabis, you also take in more THC, rather than allowing it to be burned away. This sustains the psychoactive effect for longer and makes them clearer and more potent. Glass rigs are also excellent art pieces for your home. They come in all different colors and designs and will look great on your coffee table. 

What should you look for in a glass rig?

Choose a glass rig that is durable and made from quality glass. Above all, you need to make sure that your rig won't crack and that it will hold up against several uses. Some glass rig styles that you can explore include the honey straw, recycler rig, e-rig, and traditional glass rig. Inspect each part of the rig before buying it. These parts include the nail, reservoir, and carb cap. Check out glass rigs that also have different artistic styles so that you have one that fits your cannabis ingesting sessions. 

Are you prepared to buy and care for a quality glass rig?

Search for help from a smoke shop that can sell you a quality glass rig. They'll give you advice on how to use it and what you need to do to keep it as clean as possible. A combination of sea salt and 99% alcohol is a great way to clean the interior. Regularly wipe the glass rig so that you can keep it free of fingerprints that will damage it and eat away at the material. 

Shop around for a glass rig that falls within your price range, and ask the smoke shop to throw in a cleaning kit to go with it. A good rig will likely cost you $135 and up.

Use the points in this article so that you can buy the best glass rig available. For more information, contact a smoke shop in your area, such as Tobacco Revolution.